Calling All Baby Boomers – Can You Still ROAR??!!

th-&id=HN.608042643385550589&w=300&h=300&c=0&pid=1.9&rs=0&p=0 th-&id=HN.608010796202068259&w=300&h=300&c=0&pid=1.9&rs=0&p=0                                                                                                                                                            World class choices call on “BABY BOOMERS” this week to stand up, unite for a common good and have a dramatic impact on people’s lives and the environment. Why Boomers, because I am one and felt I still had plenty of gas in the tank to contribute to a worthy cause while building a residual income that many of us need.

 We are 77 million plus strong. Many Boomers are secure in their retirement by living on the financial windfalls of their previous enterprising endeavors. Unfortunately, many find themselves not so fortunate, for whatever reason the number of Boomers still needing to earn an income is huge. Also factor in that many quality Boomers still want to contribute to society choosing not to retire.

We are a powerful force so what do we do? Get a job and go to work for an employer, though, because statistics show we are not necessarily wanted even with our vast experience and knowledge. Also, many of us do not want a “JOB” preferring to remain independent of a boss. What are the options to remain independent, I did my homework and choose to partner with a network marketing company.

There are many to choose from, mostly nutrition but I found one that actually saves everyone money and has a dramatic positive impact on the environment both worthy causes to hang my hat on. Researching I  found most of these companies require hundreds of people to make a respectable income fortunately not this opportunity.


So for those incredible Boomers that choose independence, yet need an income I want to hear from you, we can still “ROAR” and make a difference.

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How? Why? Organic Green Fuel Tablets Do All That, Really?


Here is a 6 min video Explaining  exactly how the Organic Fuel Tablets work and why:


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Choose Wisely to Make a Difference in the Environment

President Obama truck fuel efficiency

Recently the Obama administration announced new fuel and vehicle rules to cut the amount of soot, smog and toxic emissions unloaded into our environment.  These rules will take effect in 2015 and will reduce asthma and heart attacks in the U.S. “By reducing these pollutants and making our air healthier, we will bring relief to those suffering from asthma, other lung diseases and cardiovascular disease, and to the nation as a whole,” said Dr. Albert Rizzo, former chairman of the American Lung Association.

Obama ordered the Environmental Protection Agency and Transportation Department to issue a first draft of the regulations for medium- and heavy-duty trucks by March 2015 and to finalize the rules a year later.

.     Here is the American Truckers Association response:

President Obama announcement Tuesday was met with cautious approval from the industry. ATA hopes the administration will set forth a path that is both based on the best science and research available and economically achievable,” said Bill Graves, president of the American Trucking Assns.

     Here is the American Petroleum Institute {API} response:  

The API said the new rules would result in negligible health benefits and undue costs. “This rule’s biggest impact is to increase the cost of delivering energy to Americans, making it a threat to consumers, jobs and the economy,” said Bob Greco, director of the API’S Downstream Group. The organization estimates the rules would increase gasoline prices by 6 cents to 9 cents per gallon.

    Frank O’Donnell, president of nonprofit group Clean Air Watch, said Monday’s rule was “the most significant move to protect public health that the EPA will make this year” and that the oil industry’s fears about costs were often overblown. “Let’s remember the oil industry has cried wolf so many times,” O’Donnell said, “and it’s doing it again here.”

     Here is the World Class Choices response: If the current U.S. Fleet of freight trucks and tractor trailers targeted in this first draft used our EPA registered organic fuel tablets then 80-90% of the goals set forth by President Obama would be met TODAY!!!

    We have freedom of choice;  you can believe the API or choose to be part of the solution TODAY to improve our environment. You can choose to be passive or choose to join the growing population that took action and decided to LEAD by researching then using our EPA registered product; all have become convinced of the savings and benefits of what we offer by their own personal use.

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A Real Life “ NO- BRAINER” – Gas Price Solutions


       Meaning. “Something that requires little mental effort or intelligence to perform or understand”. I am sure we have all used this term to apply to something in our life at some point. This post will share what is considered  a real life “no-brainer” that will have a profound impact on the lives of countless folks throughout North America and beyond. Similar to solution for Gas Prices…

     A few facts first:

Regular gas prices per gallon range from a low of $3.26 in Montana to a high of $4.01 in California. Which I might add, just experienced a $. 35 cent increase since mid March to creep over the $4 level, with all other states somewhere in between. Canada is even worse, at $1.35 per liter or $5.10 per gallon, WOW!!! Does anyone really believe that these gas prices are going to trend downward any time soon? I think not.

We at World Class Choices do not have all the answers to this, shall we say crisis at the pumps, what we offer is a “no-brainer” remedy that definitely works on out of control Gas prices.

*If you are not here yet… Odds are it could be part of your future monthly budget plan, but for now lets concentrate on your present fuel costs. If there was a gas station close to you that was selling gas for $. 35 to $1.00 less than competitors where would you fill up? The No-Brainer time right. Well, that is exactly what we are offering a 15-25% saving every time you fill your tank, I considered this a No-Brainer and acted.  I now save 22% on my fuel bill, meaning more of my money stays in my pocket when I fill up regardless of what the gas prices are.

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Save Money by Growing your Own Organic Vegetables with TOWER GARDEN



       In  keeping with the organic theme of last week’s blog, World Class Choices also offers “Tower Garden”, the world’s first state-of-the-art Vertical Aeroponic Growing System where vegetables, fruits, herbs ETC, grow organically. Vegetables grow in half the time as they do in conventional soil based growing. Using this vertical system Tower Garden requires little space and is perfect for a deck, balcony or patio.

      Today is a fast paced world folks and we may want fresh organic veggies but can we always trust what we purchase from stores?  Plus, organic vegetables can be very expensive. Growing your own the traditional way requires space and the time to care for your garden which can be a challenge. We offer an option…

Set up your own farmer’s market where ever you live.

   Buy close to the source. Well, why not BE your own source? Tower Garden can save you money on healthy organic foods that are highly nutritious and better tasting. Our vertical garden can cost less than investing in all the tools and products needed to cultivate a traditional garden at home, if you even have the room.

       Tower Garden comes complete. NO expertise required to grow your own.

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Organic Farmers, Sharing A Common Environmental Purpose

   covercroproller-field       Farmers Fear Ruin Following EHEC Outbreak

We chose our topic because of the common ground shared  by World Class Choices and this division of the farming sector. All farming operations can benefit from what we offer, but the organic farmer may show a greater interest  because of the reduction in their carbon footprint and positive environmental impact  pursued by you and us.

images (1)

Although the practices of the organic farmer could mean not as much fuel {gas or diesel} is required in their operation, the emissions from your cars, trucks and machinery is real. That is our area  of expertise, reducing those emissions by 50-75%

GUARANTEED!!!EPA sealWe are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency # 237720001.

     We also realize that organic farming or farming of any kind is a business with a bottom line and that many factors can contribute to your success each year. Weather and the environment can have a huge impact  on your bottom line as well as other factors that are out of your control. We offer you as much control as possible over one of those factorsFUEL. $Savings$ between 15 – 25 %  are our real numbers on all fuel driven cars, trucks, machinery or toys. Allow us to impact the environment and your bottom line.

     We are looking for open minded organic farmers to partner with us, our Organic Fuel Technology fits your philosophy of farming. Please investigate further by calling our  3 minute promotion  number 239-330-9252 or Contact Denny at: 239-690 -6565   or

A Challenge to all Diesel Road Warriors To Become Green

TrucksParkedGentlemen & ladies who travel the highways driving the big rigs; as more folks experience the benefits of our Green Fuel Tabs, this future legend spreads by satisfied users and it is not 80% or 90%,  it is 100% results proven by these users.

Today I am issuing a challenge to all truckers that read this blog: PROVE US WRONG. We now have available a special package designed specifically for the larger fuel tanks of your trucks. TFT_Package240x321_largeOur Organic Truck Fuel Tabs are 2.5 grams that will treat up to 50 gallons of (Gas or Diesel), allowing Warriors to be more environmentally green and save  big at the pump.

See the below logo, we offer our GUARANTEE on the NEW truck tabs with confidence that you will be 100% satisfied with the results your rig experiences. 


To give you a taste of what to expect below is charted results of a test conducted in California in 2010 when the product was strictly used in the commercial and industrial sectors. For 15 years our Green Fuel tabs had a proven track record in these sectors.

NOW as of Dec.2013 the Green Fuel tabs became available to the public, worldwide. In these challenging times $Savings$ are tough to come by. We at World Class Choices look forward to helping all those who choose to take up our challenge.

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So again, we would love to see you Partner with Us. Contact: Denny at 239-690-6565 or email:

We are sure you will agree, being a Green Road Warrior is highly beneficial to your rig, your wallet and the environment.